Welcome To Rootlent –

Rootlent is more than your typical clothing line. That’s because Rootlent donates 10% of every sale to Rootlent’s featured athlete. Every customer has an opportunity to make an impact on the life of the aspiring athlete and through your help, Rootlent is able to provide sponsorships, sports apparel, and so much more to these incredible athletes in need of support.


The Reason For Rootlent –

I’m Leo Mesquita, founder of Rootlent. I grew up in Rio de Janeiro in the low to middle class suburbs. Most of my childhood memories can be explained in the picture below. I lived and breathed soccer. My backyard was referred to as “Maraca,” short for “Maracana,” Rio’s biggest soccer stadium. All my friends would gather there shortly after school to play soccer and we wouldn’t stop until it was dark and we could no longer see each other. Poor lighting and rocky pavement was our soccer stadium, and to those of us who played there it was our Maracana. These were my roots. I was Rootlent.


I was fortunate enough to move to the U.S. when I was 15 years old to live with my father. It was an opportunity of a lifetime that many of my friends only dreamed to have. The first few months were a struggle. My best friends, most of my family, and my “Maraca” were left many miles behind.

It wasn’t until I joined a travel soccer team and my high school team, that my life changed completely. Joining these teams introduced me to many friends and it opened the door to incredible opportunities. Not only did I become a state champion, play in college, and travel to great places, I also learned essential skills such as leadership, determination, and perseverance.

I believe every person should be presented with a chance to succeed. I also believe everyone is born with a talent, of which can only be developed through opportunities. I invite you to embark on this journey with me in order to enhance the life of the aspiring athlete. Connect your roots with your talent, be Rootlent.


Leo Mesquita

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