Don’t Forget to Have a Good Life Balance

We all go through stages in our lives where it seems like we are missing something. Sometimes we don’t even realize what that “something,” is until we really stop and think about it. I experience these random stages of life too! Usually it’s due to the lack of being active or playing soccer competitively, which never fails to bring me happiness. Unquestionably, being involved in sports, running, working out, etc., always helps me have a better day. So, I try to make sure I have a good balance of these activities in my daily live to stay fulfilled.
I know that fitness does not gratify everyone in the same way it does me; however, I believe that finding something that fulfills you and satisfies your soul is essential for all of us. It is so easy to become stuck in a day-to-day routine. We come up with excuses as to why we cannot find time for ourselves, better yet our friends or family. We must go to the grocery store, run errands, clean the house, the list is endless. While we can’t avoid some of these things, it is absolutely essential that we find our happy time in every day.

What truly makes you happy?

Sometimes this question can be harder than it seems. I find that one of the best ways to answer this question is to go back to your childhood days or the happiest times in your life. Ask yourself, what made you so happy then? It’s important to keep family and friends close as well. They’re always the first ones to lift you up.

Beat the routine!

Living a life with the same daily routine doesn’t help us explore other ideas, it’s like we are living as robots! Try to avoid doing the same activities every single day. It helps to set weekly goals around or within your current schedule to do something that brings you pleasure. Scheduling things in advance will hold you accountable for committing to them. Or, you can choose to be spontaneous and surprise yourself with something other than the normal.

Life is indeed too short, so don’t waste it by being busy with things that bring no enjoyment to you. Ask a friend out to eat, join a club team, build something. Surprise your body and your brain, live your life to the fullest!



2 comments on “Don’t Forget to Have a Good Life Balance

  1. I enjoyed this. A nice reminder. “find something that fulfills you and satisfies your soul”… love it!

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