A Simple Running Routine

After a sleepless night, a long day at work, or just a busy day doing life, running is the last thing some of us want to do. But we still run, because we want to reap the benefits that a long run can provide the body and mind. Running not only strengthens our muscles and delivers a great cardiovascular workout, but it also boosts our mental health and reduces stress and anxiety. The popularity of running grows across the world every single day. If you are a part of the running culture, or want to start, review the steps below to enhance your performance and avoid injuries.

1- Eat

Depending on the type of running you are about to do, there are different foods to consume that will provide the necessary energy to carry you through your exercise. It is important to have a good balance of carbs and protein before and after your run. Also, don’t forget to drink plenty of fluids. Be sure to time it right so that you aren’t running on a full stomach or in need of bathroom breaks.

2- Warm Ups

Although your mind may be ready for the run you’ve been thinking of, your body is likely not. Therefore, it is crucial to warm up prior to taking off. It can be as simple as walking at a faster pace, doing jumping jacks, or taking a quick jog.

3- Dynamic Stretching

After your body is warmed up, stretching is imperative to get your muscles and joints ready for healthy run with no injuries. Incorporate dynamic stretching into your routine for similar running movements. Stretching is often overlooked and usually only considered after an injury. So don’t skip this step even if you hate taking the time to stretch, it can make a significant difference.

4- Cool down exercises

To release tension and allow your muscles to go back to their normal state, a cool down exercise can be extremely effective. Give yourself enough time to walk off your run prior to heading into the next part of your day.

It’s safe to say that whether you are going for an endurance run, sprints, or an average 5K, the steps above should always be added to your pre-running regime. Schedule your weekly runs and have it become part of your routine. The benefits of running are endless and you will feel accomplished at the end of it.

What’s your running routine like?




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