The Power of Persistence

We are all after something great, whether that is a new personal record, winning a competition, or a promotion at our job. We live in a world where stability rarely exists and competition is booming every day. If we don’t push to be greater, faster, stronger than yesterday, we are already falling behind. That’s why persistence is one of the most powerful traits to have.

There is not one successful human being who didn’t persist after consistently failing in each attempt to find success. It’s important to be reminded that all we need is that one victory to unlock a brand-new world of opportunities. However, that only comes with the determination drive to push through obstacles.

Persistence doesn’t come with luck but rather hard work. Be true to yourself and understand why you keep on hitting road blocks. Come up with a plan as to how you can do it differently next time, it’s all about strategy! Learn the routine of the successful people you admire and learn about their failures. Knowing what they did to overcome their failures is key.

After all, success is the result of unlimited failed attempts, so be ready to fail. Put your talent to good use and don’t give up because someone else tells you it sounds unrealistic or that you’re not good enough. Keep putting in the work, stay humble, and good things will come.



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