Nothing is Impossible

rootlent lynsanne richard

“It all seems impossible until it’s done.” – Nelson Mandela

Have you ever wondered if pursuing your passion is worth the time and effort? Lysanne Richard would argue that YES, it most certainly is.

Lysanne is not only the 2016 FINA High Diving World Cup Champion, but she is also the number one FINA Female High Diver of the Year. She has also won two Red Bull Cliff Diving events while ranking number two overall in the 2016 Red Bull Cliff Diving season. More impressively, these achievements were accomplished after a 20-year hiatus from diving.

Lysanne Richard

Although she stopped diving during her early childhood, Lysanne continued to explore her acrobatic interests through other outlets during that 20-year period. She attended National Circus School in Montreal, Canada, then worked as an acrobat in Cirque de Soleil and the 7 Fingers Circus for many years. But, she still wanted more. Two years ago, Lysanne decided to return to diving with the goal of being one of the top female high divers in the world. She has done just that.

High diving is a sport that requires extensive training, dedication, and skill. Divers jump from heights of 20 to 24 meters. To put that into perspective, imagine jumping off the top of The White House while rotating your body several times and simultaneously concentrating on getting yourself in the perfect landing position. As you can imagine, this requires tremendous mental and physical preparation, as well as access to the best training facilities and equipment, which is not always readily available.

Despite difficult training days and challenges accessing the equipment she needs to be successful, Lysanne continues to prove that she can do it all. Her achievements as a world champion high diver are impressive, but what is even more remarkable is that she has achieved greatness while also balancing the role of mom. As a mom of three, Lysanne says it is the “ultimate trophy,” to be able to take care of her kids and be a successful athlete at the same time.

Lysanne is proof that you can do anything you set your mind to and it is never too late. She leaves us with one message, “Nothing is impossible, work hard and believe in yourself. We all have the capacity of doing incredible things. Just begin!”


Be sure to follow her journey at the following sites:

Instagram: @lysanne_richard

Pictures by Romina Amato


1 comment on “Nothing is Impossible

  1. You hear the crowd scream for you when you manage the impossible to be possible


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