Weight Loss and Life’s Champion – Kevin Mounts


“I’ve learned how to persevere through any situation, and find the determination to overcome any challenge by striving to become a stronger, faster, and better man for everyone in my life, and most importantly, myself! Life is my sport.”

If you’re looking for an inspiration, go no further than Kevin Mounts. His unbelievable journey and determination to succeed epitomizes what it means to be a true athlete. At nearly 400 pounds, battling food addiction, unemployment, and other unexpected life events, Kevin seemed to be at one of the worst stages in life.

It wasn’t until Kevin rediscovered fitness that his life completely changed. Through activities such as Muay Thai, Crossfit, and running obstacle courses, Kevin has managed to lose over 135 pounds. But, his ambitions did not stop there. While representing his workplace, he recently placed first for his store in the Xsport Fitness Fit Challenge, a “get fit,” competition. He also continues to exercise frequently to reach his goal of weighing below 200 pounds while simultaneously training to compete in the “Beast Course,” at a Spartan Race and run a full marathon.


“Life will absolutely kick your butt at times. There might be a time when you think, ‘Ok, bad things only happen in 3’s right?’ Then a 4th or 5th thing will happen. DO NOT GIVE UP. My best advice would be to take yourself out of your own driver’s seat, and seriously look at your life from the outside in. Ask questions. Have faith in yourself and know that God’s got your back!”

Kevin reminds us that anything is possible thorough perseverance. Regardless of the tough times you might be facing or the unpredictable life events that may occur, always find the best in yourself.  Find the strength to guide you through your darkest times and believe that you are strong enough to overcome any barriers.



Follow Kevin’s journey on Instagram @from_nacho_to_macho


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