Patience is a Virtue

“Prior To Filling Up The Stadium, You Need Hard Work.”

While we all love the spirit of competition and live in a society addicted to success, it’s crucial to acknowledge the common saying that “patience is a virtue.” No athlete gets to a professional level in a day, no one gets a six pack by doing sit ups and eating healthy for just a week, and no team becomes undefeated from a single practice. Therefore, before you begin your next endeavor be sure to ask yourself the following questions:

Am I ready to play the long game?

Do you understand all that it takes to get to the next level you are trying to reach? The journey is going to be long and the results you are expecting to achieve likely won’t come within a short period of time.

Am I dedicated and determined to work hard?

There is no secret to success, you must work hard! Start by making sure you are determined to succeed no matter what. Think about the number of hours and days you will need to put in to reach your goal. Look at the roadmap laid out by the people you look up to. Are you willing to go above and beyond that?

Am I ready to put aside the things that will slow me down from reaching my ultimate goal?

This is a huge question that requires some deep self-evaluation! This might mean changing your diet, adding an effective morning routine in to your schedule, or spending some time reading and educating yourself. The list can be endless if you put in the time to evaluate where you are now and where you need to get.

These questions are not meant to discourage you but rather ensure that you make valuable use of your time and never give up on your goals. Nothing worth doing ever comes easy. Be confident, work hard, and be patient.


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