Success is a Sum of all Efforts Repeated Day in and Day Out

 Kort Ross, Pole Vaulter

“Success is a sum of all efforts repeated day in and day out,” says Kort Ross, 24, from San Diego, California. Not only was she one of the top pole vaulters in the country at an early age, but Kort was also the number two recruit coming out of high school while carrying back to back state championships. Her talents didn’t go unnoticed. She earned a much deserved, full athletic scholarship to the University of Oregon.

Unfortunately, an injury freshman year of college led to three long years of recovery and falling behind competition. Therefore, Kort decided to take her skills to San Diego State University for a fresh start. Upon moving back to the Golden State, she managed to achieve a new Personal Record and rediscover her confidence. Now, she is ready for a new challenge, the one every athlete dreams of, making it to the Olympics.

As many of you can imagine, making it to the Olympics requires more than just talent. It demands hard work and dedication, but most importantly, opportunity. Kort has recently been invited to jump in the main event at the Pole Vault Summit held each January in Reno. An invitation like this is reserved for elite top performers in the pole vault community. Her performance in this competition and other future competitions will help to determine her eligibility for the USA Outdoor National event, an imperative step on her road to the Olympics. To qualify for the USA Outdoor Nationals, she must push herself to clear 4.55 meters, only 12 centimeters greater than her current PR.

While working part-time at a lumber store and living at her grandmother’s house is not an ideal situation for someone with a college degree, Kort’s passion for pole vaulting, dedication to training, and Olympic aspirations drive her to persevere.

Rootlent is currently working with Kort to help with her travel expenses to high level competitions across the country. Follow our journey to make a difference in Kort’s life and don’t forget to look for her in Tokyo, 2020.

10% of every sale is donated to Rootlent’s athletes



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