What Are You Doing Today To Benefit You Tomorrow?

I was inspired by a couple working out at the gym today who looked to be well over their 60’s and in amazing shape. I thought to myself, I’d be lucky if I could look just like them when I’m their age! But I don’t need luck, apart from the unpredictable, most everything is within my control.

I often hear about short term goals such as weight loss, eating healthier, competing at a certain event, etc. Although these are great short term goals, they would be even better if you implemented them long term. After all, I’m sure your future self will be proud and thankful of the effort you are putting in now.

Thinking ahead to the future is something I do often and it helps me determine exactly what I need to do to get where I want to be. Of course, there may be obstacles preventing me from following the steps I lay out, but that doesn’t mean I can’t readjust my plan. Being disciplined to a routine that will benefit you tomorrow will only contribute to your overall happiness!

Although your plans may change as you grow and go through different obstacles of your life, you should always be pursuing the best of yourself today to be even better tomorrow.

So, ask yourself – What am I doing today, to benefit me tomorrow?


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